Trpišovský enjoys a game beside the points, one foreign club refused

When Liberec recovered in the summer, the coach Jindřich Trpišovský did not expect the team to be successful in the fall. Slovan surpasses just two points in the fourth place for the championship Slavia and Sparta, which has invested hundreds of millions in rebuilding the team. Trpišovský took a performance with Liberec and one foreign club, but decided to stay in the Czech Republic.

“I have some private life, the boy goes to the first class, we move and so on, and I also enjoy football in the Czech Republic, I know the players here,” he said, told reporters Trpišovský.

Croatian master Rijeka was interested. “Some of the meetings took place with another club than it was written, I was very respectful, I thanked it and it ended,” said a forty-year-old coach, speculated about Slavi, where Slovan sports director Jan Nezmar leaves.

Liberec did not speak before the season after rebuilding the cadre, but in the autumn it was unexpectedly successful. At home without two eliminated players, Sparta ran in the 11th round with 2: 1 to Slavia and finished his record league invincibility and on Saturday he defeated Olomouc on Saturday at 1-0.

“Who would have said it in Austria where we were in the summer to concentrate that we will have 30 points? We were struggling with the second-league teams, we were not able to score goals in the whole team. there was an important factor during the concentration, it was obvious that the team was a good character, and it helped us with doubles when we drew home with Sparta and won in Mladá Boleslav, “said Trpišovský.

“Thirty points are very decent, but I think that we have played decent football in most matches, we have the best numbers in all offensive statistics while I’m in Liberec, in most of the offensive things we are in three or four in the league. it’s like a successful autumn all the time, “commented Trpišovský.


PEC Zwolle – FC Utrecht 1:1

On Friday night of the 14th round of the Netherlands’s highest competition winner was not known, the home Zwolle eventually broke in a 1: 1 ratio with a competitive Utrecht. Both teams are moving to the upper floors of the Eredivisie this season, so the duel has been immensely balanced for most of the time. Nevertheless, guests who collected less than ten minutes before the end were still closer to the three-point win. FC is in table five with twenty-four points.

PEC, on the contrary, held the fourth place with twenty-six points and the duo Ajax – Alkmaar lost points two. Kerk’s first bigger opportunity came in less than ten minutes when the right side of the betclic free online bets penalty area worked on a hard shot, and goalkeeper Boer was able to keep his hand in his gloves. In the next few minutes he played on both sides cautiously, Utrecht used his slight advantage in the 33th minute.

After a nice action on the left wing, he played across Ayoub’s entire penalty area, and Sander van de Streek hurled himself to the back of the bar, hanging just under the five-meter slide. Six minutes later, the Leeuwin wrestling ended prematurely and the field had to leave on the stretcher. In the last minute of the first half he fired from Kerk twenty-two meters. Boer intervened very uncertainly and the ball bounced off the pole back into the field, none of the guests arrived at the dock.

Utrecht was able to make the score 1 – 0 after an attack from the left set him up unmarked in front of the goal after a pass through the middle, but he lifted the ball over Ehizibue and it was a Unibet free online bet little too high and hit the bar. The home crowd breathed a collective sigh of relief when 63 minutes into the game. After the shooting center of Thomas on the right, the balloon hit Mustafa Saymak in front of the open goal, but in a hundred percent failed and falsely headed over. Zwolle had most of the ball, with 83 percent of possession.

First of all, van Polen and the goalie Jensen set off on his side with Saymaka. He did not hesitate to move from the first to the ground directly to the distant construction, surprised Jensen did not respond. In the remainder of the process, it was to be known that not one whole group wanted to make a mistake and nothing interesting to see. FC will play next week with the Feyenoord champion, Zwolle will play with Excelsior.

FC Twente – AFC Ajax 3:3

Twente Enschede again showed that this season, despite miserable results, can beat the biggest favorites and this time he broke with the highly favored Ajax at home. After a fierce run, the equalizer hit the final 3: 3 in the 89th minute and in the table it is now at sixteenth place with ten points. AFC, on the other hand, surprisingly hesitated after the previous two wins with a total score of 13: 1.

At the moment he is the second with twenty-nine points, but after Sunday’s overtaking of the 14th round he can skip Alkmaar and his manko to lead PSV can now rise to ten points. Twente entered the game very courageously and as early as six minutes later, Tom Boere, the late hero, was able to open the score, but he did not score a goal from the front. The Amsterdam team came out for the first time in less than half an hour.

After a brilliant perpendicular to the defense, he ran to Justin Kluivert himself, but he was only a few decimetres next to the far stick to the goalkeeper Brondeel. As soon as Dolberg elegantly slid his opponent and fired vigorously out of fifteen meters, Brondeel fantastically pushed the ball to the side. Ajax took advantage of his pressure in the 33rd minute, the score of the Saturday match opened by the experienced Dan Lasse Schöne.

He managed to keep his cool and beat the goalkeeper right in front of the penalty area, making Brondeela a wonderful free kick that would have put it into the back of the net. The same player increased his team’s leadership four minutes later and again it was a standard situation. Schöne fired at less than twenty-five yards, and the ball was placed on the left pole, the guard Twente just flashed through the air. The home did not give up, and from that moment they pressed.

In the last minute of the first half they could not use a huge shot before Ona, reducing them three minutes after the break. Stefan Thesker got himself booked for a corner kick from Holly on the left and put it in front of the goal. The same player scored the second time and took care of the equalization shortly after the hour of the game, when he gorgeously processed the balloon on his chest and then he ran out of the sixteen limit he fired to the right pole. Onana was totally unlikely.

Ajax, just before the second winning goal, hit the pole on Veltman’s header, the third time, and the last time he led in the 79th minute. Kluiver, who has managed to beat Brondeel, 2: 3, from a fourteen-meter throw, managed to make a great break. The last word Enschede had ten minutes later. After a direct free kick Liendla headed seven meters to the left of the Boere construction to get his club into euphoria.

ADO Den Haag – FC Groningen 0:3

Groningen football players have shown their strength after a long time, scoring three times in Den Haag and after 3: 0 they have scored three extremely valuable points in the table. Thanks to this success, they reached the 12th position with fifteen score points before Venlo. ADO is better at two points and is eleventh. FC scored the leading goal at the end of the first half, another two added in the final quarter of the Saturday match.

From the very beginning, both sides played more cautiously, both selections had difficulty in starting up and only exceptionally came to an end. It was a terrible moment to see a missed shot, but none of the goalposts could have hit it. The guests still had a bigger taste in the game and they got to the lead at the set time of the opening act. The 19th Japanese midfielder Ritsu Doan scored for the second time this season.

He took advantage of the defeat of Den Haag, and then of Gortera’s undiminished, he did not hesitate before Zwinkels and beat him with a ground missile of eight meters. After changing sides, the home was trying to answer, but the opponent did not let them go. With 54 minutes played, Groningenu Drost put the shot from the left flank just outside the goal. The guests took the lead 75 minutes into the match, after a long performed for Oussamy Idrissiho.

After the action on the right side, Drost was able to score the Idrissim ball after the turn. The FC defender eventually fired from a distance of fifteen yards from the ground into Zwinkels’ counter-attack, and fired the net easily. From this point on, Den Haag started to take more risks, but he did not get to score Padt. On the other hand, the offensive tactics went up again, 89 minutes after Juninho Bacuny’s third goal.

Again, Drost was very active, who, after Idrissi’s good work on the right wing, received a perpendicular to the penalty area. From there he shoved the balloon into the prebranch space and Bacun scolded him close under the top pole, Zwinkels had no chance of success. Groningen wins the last round of Kerkrade in the next round, ADO tries to fix this hesitation at the Twente Enschede stadium.

FC Kodaň – Lokomotiv Moskva 0:0

Copenhagen played Lokomotiv Moskva with a crowd-rich match and bullets, but neither had a good atmosphere nor a single goal. In a little lex game with no goals and bigger chances, almost nothing happened and it is no wonder that the audience was whistling loudly at the end of the game.

Copenhagen was a clear favorite at home, even though her opponent is not a newcomer in the cups. Michael Lüftner appeared in defense, except Boilesen, Greguš, Zeca, Verbič and the attackers Sotiriu and Pavlovic from the first minute. Moscow’s rival has also brought some intriguing players and the reputation of a heavy opponent. Against Copenhagen, Guilherme, Michalik, Rybus, Denisov, Tarasov, Fernandes or Farfan stood against Copenhagen.

The game started quite sharply. Jefferson Farfán was given a home away defeat, but the quick striker was in the offside. The offensive of the offside cost also at the end of a very good event, from which the only goal of today’s match in Copenhagen fell. The attacker, Andrija Pavlović, got a great shot and then headed the lead goalkeeper Guilherme, but the goal could not be.

If any of the spectators hoped it was the lead of an attractive duel and other goals, he was wrong. The Lokomotiv Moskva tried to score, but none of his players were able to find a way to get close to home goal keeper Olsen. Rather, it was a struggle in the middle of the playing field without any bigger invention.

Enough have tried home, which played better thanks to the environment and easier game. Pieros Sotiriou received a ball sent down the right hand side in front of the goal. When he was about to fire from an interesting position, Judge whispered and rebuked the offside. Midfielder Zeca tried his luck, but goalkeeper Guilherme tried to cover it without much difficulty. Andrija Pavlović played at a good chance at the end of the first half.

In the second half of the game, Verbic started to make a great deal. It is a shame that none of his teammates have caught him. Pieros Sotiriou was attempting to make a penalty, but he did not do well with his very willing fall in the limelight of the southern Göcek. Even the active Andriy Pavlovic did not finish as often as in the first half.

Twenty minutes before the end he could score the first regular goal of home match Peter Ankersen. The experienced Danish defender deftly walked up to sixteen of his opponent and was alone in front of goalkeeper Guilherm, but instead he did not pick the right one and headed just to the falling opponent. Ten seconds before the end, the alternate striker Éder was shot to replace the exhausted Farfan.

In addition to Éder, Manuel Fernandes was a little invisible, but his shot was also not accurate. And when Rasmus Falk Jönsson missed the turn at the end, the score remained the same as at the start of the match.

Fastav Zlín – Sheriff Tiraspol 0:0

The Zlín players also scored their first prize in the European Championship, when they were drawn with a goalless champion on the borrowed home court in Olomouc with Moldavian champion Sheriff Tiraspol. Better on Hane were guests who did not use at least three big goals in the second half. In spite of Vukadinov’s opportunity, the Czech representative in the F group had to be Unibet grateful for the draw. In the second match they will play in Lokomotiv Moscow in two weeks.

The return of Zlin to the European Cups after twelve years had been flooded by the ropes of the sky above the Olomouc, and in persistent rain it was as if the initial Unibet nervousness had appeared in Moravians.

The strong Moldavian team showed their attacking goal with a goal almost at the fifth minute: the center on the left side of the bend hit the head da Silva and Zlín from the disaster preserved only the reflex of the goalkeeper Dostála, who kicked the Unibet ball with the tip of the kick.

Tiraspol, especially in the initial twenty-minute period, had a relatively clear area of ​​superiority, but without significant profit combined in the distance from the Zlín goal. The home team had a tremendous amount of shíting after some tactics, but the Unibet shot went just wide. 41 minutes into the game, Železník was awarded a penalty.

In the second half, Sheriff flipped like a storm, and in ten minutes he could decide the game. However, the Moravian team had a good chance to keep Mugos and De Nooider, who did not score the goal in the 55th minute.

The most tense moments in the home, mainly thanks to their goalkeepers, left the defensive almost twenty minutes before the Unibet end of the game. Vukadinovich, but Mikulice did not cross the goal, and Bartosák did not even reach the empty ball before the empty goal.

Zlín finally created several standards, but nothing has changed in the stateless state.

Apollon Limassol – Olympique Lyon 1:1

Olympique Lyon stumbled a little unexpectedly and only 1: 1 from Cypriot soil. He entered the lead in the second half when Memphis Depay turned the penalty kick but the French leadership did not hold tight. In the third minute of the setting, Apollon surprisingly compared Sardiner thanks.

The frantic favorite from France totally disappointed and the betting offices are in shock. Indeed, few people would think that Apollon Limassol is able to make a draw with Lyon, but that’s exactly what happened in Nicosia. This is despite the fact that guests have played in the game since the first few minutes of players such as Rafael, Marcelo, Morel, Tousart, Ferri, Fekir, Cornet or Depay! Even their individual quality was not enough to win.

Nor can it be said that the French champion would dominate the whole game and the home goal would be random. Apollon, on the contrary, tried hard, even though he did not have a qualitative and physical one on his opponent. João Pedro was the first serious shot, and goalkeeper Anthony Lopes had problems with her capture. Similarly, Anton Maglica tried it, but it was more of a promotional missile.

A very active player of Lyon was the young striker Mariano Díaz, who is trying to catch his pants in France. His header from the twenty-five minute was not bad at all, and keeper Bruno Vale was very pleased to look back. Memphis Depay was also trying to hit the missile, but the Dutch fasts did not have enough space and were tight. His shot missed the accuracy.

Much more interesting was the second half in which the action increased and the pace also. Almost three minutes later, goalkeeper Anthony Lopes had to work because the home defender Valentin Roberge, who was a French native, came home. However, Lopes’s ending was greatly compromised. A few minutes later the score changed.

The experienced midfielder, Jander Ribeiro Santana, played his hand in his own lime, which, in addition to Maradona, was not allowed. Self-confident Memphis Depay put himself in the role of a shooter and set his projectile exactly to the pole, so the favorite got the lead – 1: 0.

Immediately they sent home to Adrian Sardiner, who was a very important figure for the end of the game. However, Lyon was more active at first, with one goal, of course, not enough. However, another chance of Marian Diáza did not meet with goalkeeper Vale. The experienced goalkeeper had to keep their team up by Memphise Depaye from a direct free kick because his shot was not bad at all.

As the game was over, Lyon felt more and more confident. The five-minute set-up was a bit slower, but it was nothing compared to the third minute setting when the shock came. After 33 minutes, Nicolás Martínez sent the corner kick right to Adrián Sardinero who headed it sharply past the keeper.